Thank you for your willingness to consider being a host family! Without host families, the Sherman Shadowcats could not exist and your generosity in opening your home to these players is appreciated so much. We look forward to hearing from you!

A home away from home for a player, and a family support system

Because it is a great family experience! It is exciting to go out and support your “adopted summer son” and the rest of the team. The Mid America League is well-respected and it is a chance to see talented college players who may one day make it to the majors! It is a family atmosphere that is just a lot of fun for all!

You don’t really see them much-The Shadowcats’ schedule is hectic!  The players get in late, they usually sleep late because they are tired from the night before, and they leave mid-afternoon for the field! They don’t have many off days… The Shadowcats provide dinner for the players on game days, but the players need access to food for breakfast and lunch. How you do that varies from family to family.

Fill out the information form located below and the Shadowcats will follow up with more information!

Shadowcats Host Family Questionnaire

Do you have any children living in the home?(Required)
Is their anyone in the home who smokes or uses tobacco products?(Required)
Are you willing and able to host more than one player?(Required)
Are you willing and able to accomodate a player who may have their spouse or pet with them?(Required)
Please check all that apply for the player's living situation:
Does the player need to provide their own transportation, or can you provide or assist?(Required)
Will you be available to assist the player(s) getting to the ballpark?(Required)
Will players have kitchen privileges?(Required)
Will the players have access to a washer and dryer?(Required)
May the player(s) have friends/girlfriends and/or family and friends come over for visits?(Required)
When the team comes home from a road trip, it is typically very late. Do you understand this and are you okay with it?(Required)
Do you prefer that your player speaks a certain language?(Required)